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        Gold Medal Winner in the Family/Parenting Catagory

                          Living Now Book Awards 2015



" I have been working intimately with families for almost 30 years, and deal daily with the exhaustion, stress and fear that move in sync with the joy of parenting. Raising our children is, without doubt, the most important work of our lives. With this book and blog I hope to give parents factual information that will allow them to be more confident in their decisions, and to feel not so alone in their fears."


Kathleen Lovlie, MD, FAAP

Practical Parenting: An Un-Politically Correct Guide From The Trenches

  • Does it seem impossible to get your kid to eat healthy foods?

  • Does your adolescent understand his or her changing body?

  • Is he or she addicted to technology?

  • What about vaccines? Are they safe? Effective? 

  • Is your kid brave? Strong? Confident?

  • Does your kid have a bully? Is your kid the bully?

  • What is the safest car seat? Bike? Toy?


Questions like these are enough to make any parent feel lost and overwhelmed. But, there is hope. 


Dr. Kathleen Lovlie believes there is no single “right way” to parent because good parenting is about allowing your child’s unique mind and body to flourish in an ever-changing world.


Pulling no punches and relying on decades of education, training and pediatric experience, Dr. Lovlie helps parents to feel more confident and capable and to let go of their fears, by applying her proven guidelines to build a foundation of love, acceptance, security, respect, and good health.  

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