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Learn how to build a framework for success for your children! 


Based on facts, not fads, Practical Parenting, an Un-Politically Correct Guide From   the Trenches helps parents better understand how to:


  • Create healthy eating habits

  • Foster courage and self confidence

  • Inspire and reward good behavior

  • Address and discipline bad behavior

  • Deal with the growing reliance on technology

  • Bully-proof your children and foster compassion

  • Create success in potty-training and bedtime routines

  • Deal with adolescence, budding sexuality, divorce and trauma


With honesty, courage and a few common sense guidelines, you can raise children who are self-confident, healthy, responsible and brave. As a pediatrician and anthropologist, Dr. Kathleen Lovlie has proven insights as to what works and what doesn't when it comes to child-rearing. 


This is NOT about the hottest new parenting craze. Dr. Lovlie's guidelines are based on medical fact and practical application. 




Just $18.99

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Excerpts From Practical Parenting:


  • Remember "never" is always easier than "sometimes".

  • Without rewards, rules become guidelines that tell children how to get our attention.

  • Children may look sweet, but in reality, they are cute little barbarians and it is our job to civilize them. 

  • They need direction. But, they also need to learn to make decisions; they have some big ones coming up.


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