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As a pediatrician, I have seen it all. And, as a parent, I know how overwhelming it can be to try to keep your child safe.


How do you reach that balance where you have protected your children from the worst of the dangers while still allowing them to have lives? Whatever you choose to do, you will at some point be wrong. Children will always find imaginative ways to hurt themselves. I'm sure a child who was wrapped in cotton batting from head to toe would find a way to trip on the cotton. When they do, don't feel guilty. No one can prevent every little injury. Put your energy toward preventing the big things, because a kiss will make the little things all better. 


So what are the big things? The dangerous, deadly things that can't be fixed once they happen? Motor vehicle accidents, gun violence, bike accidents, drowning, poisoning, and fire top the list. Skinned knees and broken arms don't seem so bad after that list, right?


In my book and blog  I have lots of information about the most concerning safety issues.


Below are links to my top safety tips:


Gun Safety

Motor Vehicle Safety 

Car Seats

Water Safety

Bicycle Safety

Poison Prevention

Fire Safety

Carbon Monoxide


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